Eugenio Cano-Manuel Mendoza eugeniocanom at
Mon Jul 1 18:19:44 UTC 2013


I've enhanced the lein xml plugin by using instead of
printing a long string. was going to be packaged anyways
so I thought it was appropriate to use it since it doesn't add any more
dependencies to what we already have. I want to package this library since
I'm using it already and seems very straightforward, however I have a few
questions on this matter:

1) Should source name be data-xml?
2) Should the binary package name be libdata-xml-clojure? (Sounds odd
that's why I'm not sure)
3) Upstream provides a file ( but only describes the changes
from version 0.0.6 to 0.0.7. Is this a valid "upstream changelog"? if not,
should I compose a new changelog from the previous versions? and if so, is
it required to patch upstream source for this? (since I'm changing a
top-level file).

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