Gergely Nagy algernon at
Tue Jul 2 09:31:28 UTC 2013


Eugenio Cano-Manuel Mendoza <eugeniocanom at> writes:

> 1) Should source name be data-xml?

That's a bit too generic, I'd go with clojure-data-xml instead.

> 2) Should the binary package name be libdata-xml-clojure? (Sounds odd
> that's why I'm not sure)

libdata-xml-clojure sounds correct. Why do you find it odd?

> 3) Upstream provides a file ( but only describes the changes
> from version 0.0.6 to 0.0.7. Is this a valid "upstream changelog"? if not,
> should I compose a new changelog from the previous versions? and if so, is
> it required to patch upstream source for this? (since I'm changing a
> top-level file).

It is a valid upstream changelog, you don't have to compose a new one.
Though, if data.xml is past 0.0.7 now, then CHANGES is obsolete, and
should not be shipped in the binary.

If that is the case, you can either construct an upstream changelog from
git log (for example), or just don't ship one. You can do the first
manually, storing it somewhere under debian/, so you won't have to
repackage or patch upstream sources.


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