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Eugenio Cano-Manuel Mendoza eugeniocanom at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 00:43:57 UTC 2013

> One important aspect that you might want to think about twice is to take
> advantage of configuration "layers" that are available in Python already.
> The
> examples that I gave earlier were:
>     * population of command line defaults from environment variables
>       in argparse
>     * ConfigParser.read(DEFAULT_CONFIG, # e.g. /usr/share/...
>                         SYSTEM_CONFIG,  # e.g. /etc/foo.conf
>                         LOCAL_CONFIG,   # e.g. ~/.foo.conf
>                         ...)
>       to model the hierarchy between these configuration files.
Yes, I understand this is important. Regarding ConfigParser we shouldn't
have any problems, it's already being done on OptionParser, I'll just have
to move it to the new script I made yesterday. Populating command line
defaults with env variables is what bothers me. I know how to do it, in
fact I kind of like it but if we do this then it would make sense to
completely ignore env variables on generate_template_variables since they
are already being merged by argsparse, but then again I think you thought
of this already since your 'do_stuff' function doesn't have an env
dictionary or anything... Problem will come if there's anything on the env
that cannot be specified by a command line argument, but I cannot think of
anything right now.

In any case, the only difference from what I originally had is that the
merging being done before calling generate_template_variables involves only
cmdline arguments and env variables (instead of also merging ConfParser
data). I'll create a branch or something to see how this looks on

I would like to Hangout for a bit this weekend since the mid-term
evaluation is next week. I just want to sit down and talk about what we
have so far and most importantly what's left to be done. I'm not adding any
more features this week, just improving what we already have (finish
exception handling, divide the tests, this parsing/merging issue...) If you
think we can discuss all that by email then it's fine for me too =)

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