Package review and GSoC project status

Eugenio Cano-Manuel Mendoza eugeniocanom at
Fri Aug 16 13:58:56 UTC 2013

> regex-clojure's watchfile doesn't exist (that's OK), so can you please
> prepare the upload by pushing it to Also, it'd be
> great to write a get-orig-source target to allow reproducing of the
> tarball.

cgrand didn't tag his code so I couldn't find a way to make a watchfile
from github (the watchfile is just empty with a comment explaining the

I added the get-orig-source target to all the packages. It should reproduce
the original tar as you requested =).

Here's the list of packages (now in mentors):

data-xml now has a license so I'll get that done soon. By the way, does
anyone know what's the correct way to pull it? I'm guessing whatever they
added just now is considered a snapshot of 0.0.8 but we're packaging
0.0.7... I could just download the source and package it as 0.0.7 but then
uscan+watchfile won't really download the original tar ball as it would
just fetch 0.0.7.

I'll also upload a more recent version of core-cache once we figure out how
to handle the dependencies.

Thank you so much for the help! =)
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