ITP: leiningen -- simple build system for Clojure

Tom Marble tmarble at
Tue Jan 17 14:12:58 UTC 2017

Elana Hashman <elana at> writes:
> Finally following up with some conversations I had at Clojure/conj, I'd 
> like to help get the ball rolling on this again. Based on leiningen 
> 2.7.1's dependencies, here's what we'll need to package/upgrade to make 
> this happen.

Awesome, thank you!!!

I've added technomancy on Bcc: as he dropped into #debian-java a while
back asking how he could help.

Here's the link to this bug (and the rest of the context):

FWIW I'd also like to see boot packaged... Last time I checked, though,
boot has a build dep on leiningen.



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