ITP: leiningen -- simple build system for Clojure

Phil Hagelberg phil at
Tue Jan 17 19:47:11 UTC 2017

Elana Hashman <elana at> writes:

> Finally following up with some conversations I had at Clojure/conj, I'd 
> like to help get the ball rolling on this again. Based on leiningen 
> 2.7.1's dependencies, here's what we'll need to package/upgrade to make 
> this happen.

Very exciting; thanks!

> Packages that have a higher version in Debian unstable than in leiningen 2.7.1:
> libdynapath-clojure aka org.tcrawley/dynapath (2.5.1 > 2.4.1)
> libmaven-indexer-java aka org.apache.maven.indexer/indexer-core (5.1.1 > 4.1.3)
> libcommons-io-java aka commons-io (2.5 > 2.4)

For the record, the versions of both dynapath and commons-io in the
current git version of Leiningen (2.7.2-SNAPSHOT) match those in Debian

The indexer is another story. It is use to support the `search' task,
but I really regret leaving that in Leiningen 2.x and am strongly
considering adding a warning not to use it. Since it was originally
introduced the indices it has to download have gotten so large as to be
quite impractical, and users are nearly always better off performing a
search in a web browser against an online index vs downloading their own
copy of the indices.

I understand this probably goes against some policies, but I would urge
you to consider removing the search task if including it would add a
significant burden to the job of packaging. If it would help, I will
include a deprecation notice in version 2.7.2 of Leiningen recommending
against the use of the search task.

Though obviously in most cases diverging from upstream in a situation
like this is a bad idea, the search task is *never* used in an automated
context; if it breaks it will not affect the builds of other projects
which use Leiningen. In addition, in the past three years the only time
anyone has mentioned the search task to me on IRC or elsewhere has been
to ask why it isn't working well and whether it's really going to take
as many hours as it claims to download the rest of the indices. My
suspicion is that the number of users who have the patience to wait for
the indices to actually download (vs switching to a browser and having
the search results displayed immediately) is in the low double digits.

If this is not acceptable then I will bump the version of Maven Indexer
used in Leiningen 2.7.2 to match the version in Debian.

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