[Pkg-crosswire-devel] Libsword - utils, examples, test and bindings

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Sat Apr 11 22:15:34 BST 2009


It's good to see you back in action :)

However, especially since we had the sword package submitted for RFS,
you might want to be a bit slower to commit changes to the main branch?
 we used to do work in development branches and merge them in when
someone else had reviewed them... I still think that is a good approach.

I don't really worry about minor fixups (like adding tei2mod, or
libsword.la) that are fairly obviously correct going straight into main.
 But significant changes, like the creation of sword-utils?  This should
have had more discussion or been done in a separate branch, surely?

Given the discussion about making module import/creation easier on
sword-devel recently, especially when one of the points made was that
some people have a hard time finding the import tools because they are
not included by default... my feeling is that overall it is better to
leave the module creation tools in the main libsword7 package, so that
everyone has them who might want to explore their use.  It's not as
though they take up megabytes of disk space (at least under Linux).

Actually I think we discussed this issue once before, on this list, a
couple of months ago, but somehow the topic came back up again and now
suddenly I find a very different decision has apparently been reached
and implemented in just a few days when I was busy with local church and
neighbourhood ministry involvement... this took me by surprise.

> Overall libsword packaging still has TODO's.

Sure, but there is no rush at the moment; so we can afford to move
carefully, and review each other's work.  We needed to get *something*
into Debian that works for the front ends, so we can get them into
Debian too -- and we're doing that (thanks to Roberto)!  Now, we need to
carefully improve those packages until they are good enough that we can
import them into Debian unstable.  But please let's try to do this work
as a team, and not commit significant changes directly into the main
branch without some level of review/agreement from another member of the



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