[Pkg-crosswire-devel] Libsword - utils, examples, test and bindings

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 07:15:13 BST 2009

> Given the discussion about making module import/creation easier on
> sword-devel recently, especially when one of the points made was that
> some people have a hard time finding the import tools because they are
> not included by default... my feeling is that overall it is better to
> leave the module creation tools in the main libsword7 package, so that
> everyone has them who might want to explore their use.  It's not as
> though they take up megabytes of disk space (at least under Linux).

Previously, diatheke was in its own package. It seems to me that it
should be moved into libsword with the rest of the utilities. It's
primary purpose these days is to help in module development, to see
exactly what the engine is returning for a particular reference in
order to troubleshoot. It's role for web stuff is nowhere nearly as
prominent (I haven't heard of anyone actually using it for that). This
probably raises the question of where to put diatheke.pl, which is (I
think) an example of how to use diatheke to create a web site. I don't
know where that should go. But I do feel that diatheke is a
tremendously useful tool for module developers and should be put with
the rest of the module creation utilities.

Would it be useful at all to package a few examples of source files
for the module creation utilities? I don't know how this stuff is
usually handled for packaging. We don't even have (in my opinion) good
small, comprehensive samples to include at this point, but if there
were some, would it be appropriate to include them?


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