[Pkg-crosswire-devel] package upload sponsorship requests

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Fri Apr 17 21:16:53 BST 2009

Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:

> You really need to be building in a clean sid chroot.

OK, once I can obtain one, I'll use it :)

>> If there is something I can do to work around this and create a usable
>> sid pbuilder, please let me know.

> I saw that too last night, but when upgrading on i386.  So you have an
> amd64 machine handy that you can try it out on?

Sure.  My amd64 desktop machine runs Ubuntu, and virtualbox-ose doesn't 
do 64bit VMs on it, because my CPU is only an E5200.  So my Lenny and 
sid VMs are both 32bit.  I can try setting up an amd64 sid chroot in the 
primary Ubuntu (8.10 Intrepid amd64) OS.  It didn't occur to me that the 
issue would be x86-specific.

I just tried, and that gets me:

   W: Failed to fetch http://ftp.debian.org/dists/sid/Release  Unable
   to find expected entry  restricted/binary-amd64/Packages in Meta-index
   file (malformed Release file?)

To verify I wasn't making silly mistakes, I then repeated the command 
but creating a new jaunty pbuilder instead of a sid one.  It worked 
fine, first time.  Maybe I'm just really unlucky with sid??

> Incidentally, *before* requesting sponsorship for upload, please do the
> following:

>  1. build in a *clean* sid chroot
>  2. run the resultant source and binary packages through lintian (from
>     sid) like so: 'lintian -viI <package>.changes' (make sure it is the 
>     .changes file)
>  3. run it through piuparts

OK.  Thanks for the advice.  (1) I've not been able to get myself a sid 
chroot so far, but will keep trying.  (2) I have been running lintian in 
sid over both the *.dsc and the *.deb files; I didn't realize it runs 
over .changes files too.  I suspect the effect is the same, it is just 
more convenient, because it can use the list of binary packages in the 
.changes file?  (3) piuparts I have heard about, and tried once under 
Ubuntu (it failed to create a chroot environment for me); I will try it 
out again this weekend.  Maybe this evening!


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