[Pkg-crosswire-devel] BT docs, help and manpages

Jordan Mantha laserjock at ubuntu.com
Sun Feb 1 04:43:54 GMT 2009

On Sat, Jan 31, 2009 at 5:55 PM, Jonathan Marsden <jmarsden at fastmail.fm> wrote:
> Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:
>>> OK; we're on the same page on this one, good.  Are there any BibleTime
>>> developers and/or Crosswire people here who would be either happy or
>>> unhappy if we split the documentation out into a separate binary package
>>> (which could be arch-independent of course, so avoiding this lintian
>>> complaint)?
>> Knowing how "kind" upstream is I would split everything in
>> /usr/share/ into one bibletime-common or bibletime-data. Cause I
>> don't think we are at the point of splitting it further per language
>> cause I don't (yet) want to maintain each language and figure out how
>> to make apt download the correct language package.
> Sounds reasonable, but see below about Help usage.  I suppose we could
> do a Depends: bibletime-common in the bibletime binary package?
> BTW, Jordan Mantha (aka LaserJock) is probably our guy for how to do
> per-language stuff like that, I'm pretty sure he said he'd done it for
> his distribution already.  But that is a luxury which can wait.

I would generally suggest avoiding splitting up into individual
language packages unless they are really big. Once you split up the
package you then have the issue of getting them installed. The easiest
way to do so is to have them all as Recommends and simply allow people
to uninstall ones they don't want. Otherwise you'll generally need to
declare a default language and let people install the other languages
later. So unless the languages are really burdensome to users I'd
suggest installing them all together in a bibletime-data that's is
depended on by bibletime.


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