[Pkg-crosswire-devel] libsword on amd64

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Sun Feb 1 06:19:23 GMT 2009

Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:

>>> I don't know =D  I've branched off and started from scratch. Waiting
>>> for launchpad build results since it's the AMD64 that misbehaves =D

>> I am running om amd64 here... tell me how to test, and point me to your
>> bzr branch!  There was that rpath issue I had, but I already fixed that
>> using chrpath -d, you have that in your debian/rules, right?

> Yeap =DDD that was really nice. Copied it for the GnomeSword as well ;-)
> Basicly
> bzr branch lp:~dmitrij.ledkov/libsword/symbols
> build it with debuild or pdebuilder
> The build will fail! In the build log, towards the end there will be
> warning from dpkg-gensymbols (or dpkg-shlibdeps can't remember) with a HUGE diff
> Could you please email me back that diff with three warnings line before
> it.

Can do.  Not to the list though, that diff is *big* :)

>> Not symbols, but function calls.  A manpage for every defined constant
>> would be madness, I agree!  But manpages in section 3 for the officially
>> documented API calls would be good to have, IMO.

> Never read those =D But yeah this does sound usefull.

I'm showing my age... that's where I instinctively would go for
documentation on a library I just installed on any unix-like box :)

>> Ah, yes, I had asked about that days ago... noone has volunteered to
>> write those yet...

> Yeah..... I was ment to be writting those............. =D

Sounds good to me :)


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