[Pkg-crosswire-devel] JSword and Bible Desktop

Dmitrijs Ledkovs dmitrij.ledkov at gmail.com
Wed May 20 20:50:02 BST 2009

>> I've downloaded the source tarball it doesn't have Authors, Copyright,
>> License, Readme, Install files so simply by looking at top-level
>> directory I have no clue who wrote it, what license it is and how to
>> set it up and start using it. Without this I can't even start
>> packaging JSword.
> What is expected in each of these files? Are all of them needed? I'll be
> glad to create them.

I think you might find the GNU Project guidelines as far as I know. In
Authors/Copyright you write who wrote the code / to whom the copyright
belongs. License is ussally verbantim copy of the license you are
using (dowload of gnu.org). Readme anything you want users to read
before installing software (e.g. you need this libraries available or
these features work or don't work basicly anything unexpected that
might happen with build system). Install is usally detailed
instructions on how to configure, compile and install your software.

> By and large, we've put all this information on the website.

Great! So copy / reformat it and include it in the tarballs so that
using the tarball people can figure out what needs to be done to use
your great application.

>> I then ran my magic tool "licensecheck -r ." which told me that all
>> files are LGPL 2.1 with incorrect FSF address.
> It was correct when we did the first one :) Never thought that they'd move.

I know I never expected either =D very silly of them.

>>  Either use template [1] or change the address in your current template or
>> ommit address at all
>> pointing to their website for example.
> Changing it is no problem.


>> BTW I have no clue how to package java applications / libraries. I've
>> heard that ant is quite popular for java packages. If you are using
>> ant could you please give me some details about it. If you are not
>> using ant, could you please consider using it? There are tools
>> available in debian to turn ant based projects into deb's.
> We are using ant and a driving shell script to set parameters. My guess is
> that this info goes into INSTALL? or is it another file?

Yeap that info does go into the INSTALL. Are those ant XML files and
shell scripts available in the tarball? Cause I did svn checkout and
it looks a bit different from the tarballs.

Why are you publishing docs tarball seperate from the application
tarball? Can the pretty documentation be create/generate using the
"application" tarball?

There is Debian Java Packaging Team[1]. I'm really not an expert in
Java (I'm a C/python person). I think you are far more likely to get
packaged with them cause they know what they are doing and might get
the packages ready faster.

Feel free to mention our team to them in case there is anything needed
from the C++ sword (I don't think there is though).

[1] http://java.debian.net/

With best regards

Dmitrijs Ledkovs (for short Dima),
Ледков Дмитрий Юрьевич

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