[fwd] Re: [Pkg-cryptsetup-devel] Re: Cryptsetup in Debian

Michael Gebetsroither michael.geb at gmx.at
Wed Nov 16 01:47:50 UTC 2005

* Jonas Meurer <jonas at freesources.org> [051116 00:30]:
> do you still remember what the 'few things' where, that you fixed?

yes should be no problem.
only the 2 libs more to link cryptsetup-luks against and the manpage
I've a private mercurial repos for cryptsetup luks. i'll trying to
put it online tomorrow.

> i know, but when we use cryptsetup-luks as upstream, new releases are
> likely. clemens already announced a ondisk layout change, as you
> mentioned later in your mail.

Clemens mentiont the ondisk layout a half year ago (windows
implementation showed a bug not immediatly seen.

> is there a bug tracker for cryptsetup bugs, and are people actively
> maintaining it?

sorry, only /dev/brain.
I've made a few bugfixes but the bugreports from various people are
not accurate enough to make a correct fix.
There is even one c++ reimplementation of LUKS i know of (not

> ... but mount has no support for plugins.

yes, but a luks lib makes that task a lot easier.

> yes, i already use that one on my server ,-)

*heh* ;-)!

> uh, i didn't know that. maybe it's a bug in the kernel crypto modules?

i don't know.
But in the beginning ondisk layout where even not stable between
amd64 and i386.... not a good sign imho.

> sounds good, so maybe we can integrate some of the patches into debian,
> even if no new upstream release happens in near future. but first let's
> prepare cryptsetup packages with luks support.

I'll only waiting for a new upstream release to make a plain debian
package using dpatch from my currently nativ deb.

> i'll see if i can setup a development repository on alioth this week.
> then we can start with the packaging stuff.
> to get write access to the repository i need your alioth username.

I have a mercurial repos allready. I'll put it online tomorror,
because now it's party-time :) (there is currently a _big_ domitory
party going on ;)!.

> sounds good. maybe even more developers join the team and help in
> future. my initial mail was addressed to 4 people, all of them
> interested in cryptsetup maintainership - according to wesley.

4 should be more than enough :)!

Michael Gebetsroither
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