[fwd] Re: [Pkg-cryptsetup-devel] Re: Cryptsetup in Debian

Jonas Meurer jonas at freesources.org
Wed Nov 16 13:34:34 UTC 2005

On 16/11/2005 Michael Gebetsroither wrote:
> > do you still remember what the 'few things' where, that you fixed?
> yes should be no problem.
> only the 2 libs more to link cryptsetup-luks against and the manpage
> fix.

great. i made some manpage fixes too in the recent cryptsetup upload, so
we'll have to merge both.

> I've a private mercurial repos for cryptsetup luks. i'll trying to
> put it online tomorrow.

interesting. so this have more improvements than your latest released
cryptsetup-luks package?

> > is there a bug tracker for cryptsetup bugs, and are people actively
> > maintaining it?
> sorry, only /dev/brain.
> I've made a few bugfixes but the bugreports from various people are
> not accurate enough to make a correct fix.
> There is even one c++ reimplementation of LUKS i know of (not
> public).

so maybe the alioth project will serve as bug tracker in the future.
there's no problem with using it for upstream issues as well.

> > sounds good, so maybe we can integrate some of the patches into debian,
> > even if no new upstream release happens in near future. but first let's
> > prepare cryptsetup packages with luks support.
> I'll only waiting for a new upstream release to make a plain debian
> package using dpatch from my currently nativ deb.

why not do that with the current upstream release? the packaging of new
upstream releases shouldn't be to difficult, only copy the debian/
subdir and filter out dpatch patches that have been applied upstream.

> > i'll see if i can setup a development repository on alioth this week.
> > then we can start with the packaging stuff.
> > to get write access to the repository i need your alioth username.
> I have a mercurial repos allready. I'll put it online tomorror,
> because now it's party-time :) (there is currently a _big_ domitory
> party going on ;)!.

ok, but i prefer a global project repository at svn.debian.org and as
part of the alioth project. i've already requested a svn repository for
pkg-cryptsetup, and i hope that it will be available tomorrow.

i'dd like to start with merging the debian/ dirs of both cryptsetup and
cryptsetup-luks packages, and releasing new packages of both with all
minor issues fixed. afterwards i would start merging both packages.
this way we provide a plain cryptsetup package with debian fixes.
it's not clear what happens with cryptsetup and cryptsetup-luks
upstream, but maybe they develop in different directions, and i like the
idea of having a clean cryptsetup package in the repository archive
before superseeding it with cryptsetup-luks.

> > sounds good. maybe even more developers join the team and help in
> > future. my initial mail was addressed to 4 people, all of them
> > interested in cryptsetup maintainership - according to wesley.
> 4 should be more than enough :)!

yes, but currently we're only two. btw. you still have to register
youself on alioth, and give me the username, that i can add you as
project developer.


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