[Pkg-cryptsetup-devel] Cryptsetup in Debian

Jonas Meurer jonas at freesources.org
Fri Nov 18 00:10:33 UTC 2005

On 16/11/2005 Michael Gebetsroither wrote:
> > great. i made some manpage fixes too in the recent cryptsetup upload, so
> > we'll have to merge both.
> Debian cryptsetup manpage is written in sgml which is a pain (imho)
> ;). Should this be continued?

no idea, i've no problem with sgml, but if you convert it to xml, it's
ok too.

> > interesting. so this have more improvements than your latest released
> > cryptsetup-luks package?
> A few things where with patches allready sent to umstream and a few
> exerimental fixes.

ah, so that should be easy to maintain with svn now. simply create a new
branch 'experimental' for cryptsetup-luks, and put experimental patches
see below for more details about the svn repository.

> > why not do that with the current upstream release? the packaging of new
> > upstream releases shouldn't be to difficult, only copy the debian/
> > subdir and filter out dpatch patches that have been applied upstream.
> There are no new upstream releases.
> cryptsetup luks uses version 1.0.1 which is the newest.

i know, i meant for the future. if patches proof to be save, we can add
them to the debian package releases.

> > i've already requested a svn repository for
> > pkg-cryptsetup, and i hope that it will be available tomorrow.
> ah, ok :)!

yes, and now i've also imported both cryptsetup and cryptsetup-luks

the repository has two subfolders, cryptsetup and cryptsetup-luks. as
already mentioned, i'dd like to merge the both at some point, as there
is no reason for a plain cryptsetup package without luks support,
cryptsetup-luks has the same functionality with additional features, it
simply superseedes the cryptsetup package.

currently the repository looks like the following:
 - cryptsetup
   + branches
   - tags
     - 20050111-5
       + debian
   - trunk
     + debian
 - cryptsetup-luks
   + branches
   - tags
     - 1.0.1-5
       + debian
   - trunk
     + debian

as you see, both cryptsetup and cryptsetup-luks have three subfolders,
branches, tags and trunk. trunk is the current developing tree, and when
it becomes stable and will be released, it's copied to tags/version,
like tags/1.0.1-5 for latest cryptsetup-luks packages.
branches are for forked development trees, like a freeze for stabilizing
for release, or a seperate development tree for new experimental
patches. but if you know svn, you should already know that.

the repository can be accessed through one of the following ways:

only the last one allows write access, the other two are read-only.

if you don't know svn, http://svnbook.red-bean.com is a good read.

> > afterwards i would start merging both packages.
> Why merging the packages?

see above.

> > yes, but currently we're only two. btw. you still have to register
> > youself on alioth, and give me the username, that i can add you as
> > project developer.
> allready done.
> Username is gebi(-guest).

ok, i added you as project admin. you should have write access to the
repository and the project page now. hope to see submissions from you
soon ;)


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