[Pkg-e-devel] Fwd: pkg-e, enlightenment (e16) future.

Niv Sardi xaiki at debian.org
Tue Nov 13 00:14:14 UTC 2007

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From: Laurence J. Lane <ljlane at debian.org>
Date: Nov 12, 2007 6:02 PM
Subject: pkg-e, enlightenment (e16) future.
To: Niv Sardi <xaiki at debian.org>

> as we discussed it a few month ago, I am quite concerned about the
> fact that debian doesn't ship e16.8, and that I'd really like to
> see e16 integrated in pkg-e.

I don't quite know or recall what pkg-e is. And I've spoken to
various people on IRC, but I don't recall who. Is that the channel
folks keep inviting me to? I'm terribly selective about where I IRC
and I'm not likely to join.

> E16.8 adds a lot of improvement to the version in debian, maybe
> most noticable is the composite manager, but speed has been
> enhanced, as well as lot of bug fixes.

> Your last upload of enlightenment was more than a year ago,
> and there are heaps of bugs in the BTS (30ish) are you still
> interested in it's packaging ?

I'm certain that I would have orphaned if I were not interested    .
I never had interest in e17 though.

> Upstream also changed e's name to e16 (replacing enlightenment)
> and we would like to push that change to debian too, witch will
> avoid confusions with e17 when it kicks in (RSN).

I'm pretty sure I've said that I would like enlightenment package
moved to a team effort. (Eterm, imlib2, and scrot too, for that
matter.) I would like to step away from them all for a bit,
actually, if others could step up.

> I would love to move maintainance to pkg-e (where you are most
> welcomed), and have prepared packages for e16.8 that you can get at:
> http://cxhome.ath.cx/~xaiki/debian/pkg-e/e16/

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