[Pkg-e-devel] Bug#592251: Bug#592251: e17: can't add shelf, can't move shelf

Albin Tonnerre lutin at debian.org
Sun Aug 8 18:14:07 UTC 2010

On Sun, 08 Aug 2010 19:19 +0200, Arno Schuring wrote :
> Package: e17
> Version: 0.16.999.49898-1
> Severity: important
> [ I could go on how the initial segfault was triggered by the Fireball theme,
> or how impossible it is to migrate parts of my old e17 config to the new one --
> yay for binary config blobs -- but let's just skip it ]

> Problem is: I can't change the shelf positions. Whenever I try to move a shelf
> or add a new one (I'm using multiple monitors, and want to have at least one
> ibox on every screen), e17 SEGVs.  Attached you will find a gdb backtrace
> of one such crash. It doesn't appear useful to me, but maybe someone more
> knowledgeable will figure out what's wrong. I also do not know if all SEGVs I
> have encountered today have all the same cause, but I figure I've spent enough
> time on this already.

Did you run all your tests with this theme? If so, could you please try to
reproduce the bug with the default theme?

> I will be reverting to the very old version on packages.enlightenment.org, and
> will probably keep using that version for a long time. The prospect of having
> to reconfigure all the keybindings, window settings and remembers, startup
> applications, window switcher settings (focus and skip lists), etc is enough
> to not want to try upgrading e17 again.

As far as configuration upgrade issues are concerned, it is higly likely that
updating more often is going to reduce your trouble when upgrading. The longer
you wait, the worse configuration issues get. That's not really your issue here,

Albin Tonnerre

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