[Pkg-e-devel] Bug#592251: Bug#592251: e17: can't add shelf, can't move shelf

Arno Schuring aelschuring at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 8 20:47:16 UTC 2010

Hi Albin,

First: thanks for the swift response :)

> > Problem is: I can't change the shelf positions. Whenever I try to move a shelf
> > or add a new one (I'm using multiple monitors, and want to have at least one
> > ibox on every screen), e17 SEGVs.  Attached you will find a gdb backtrace
> > of one such crash. It doesn't appear useful to me, but maybe someone more
> > knowledgeable will figure out what's wrong. I also do not know if all SEGVs I
> > have encountered today have all the same cause, but I figure I've spent enough
> > time on this already.
> Did you run all your tests with this theme? If so, could you please try to
> reproduce the bug with the default theme?

Most tests were done after rm ~/.e , so with everything at default. The backtrace
was acquired with the following sequence:
$ rm ~/.e
$ sudo service gdm3 start
- login
- follow initial config, choose "Standard" profile
- go to right monitor (bring up menu, Settings->Shelves->Add
- notice SEGV window
$ sudo aptitude install e17-dbg libecore-dbg
$ gdb --pid=<>
- bt
Even though I mention "go to right monitor" here, I've had crashes on both screens.

Like I said before, I encountered similar crashes when changing shelf position, but
haven't looked at all those backtraces. I did the following both with my old config
and pristine config:
- Settings->Shelves
- select a shelf, click Setup
- at Position tab, change position, click Apply
- notice SEGV window

All in all, there were three separate issues, only one of which I chose to report:
- crash with shelf position (#592251 ;)
- persistent crash with fireball theme (not reported because version 1.6 is from 2008
and I couldn't find a newer version)
- inability to edit e17 settings from outside E menu (didn't want to start a flamewar
on a bug report even though it's Debian ;)

> As far as configuration upgrade issues are concerned, it is higly likely that
> updating more often is going to reduce your trouble when upgrading. The longer
> you wait, the worse configuration issues get. That's not really your issue here,
> however.
I know. I've been following e17 development for quite a while (as a fan, not a
developer), but have always had a hard time finding up-to-date deb packages. I
still remember the tuxfamily and dunnewind repositories, after that things moved
to p.e.o -- and nothing much happened after that. Which is why I was so excited to
see e17 in unstable. I know about easy_e17, but I always considered it too much
hassle. Though it might have saved me the hassle today...

I think I remember your name from the e-devel list, am I right? In that case, thank
(all of) you for your hard work on E17.

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