[Pkg-e-devel] Bug#592251: Bug#592251: e17: can't add shelf, can't move shelf

Albin Tonnerre lutin at debian.org
Sun Aug 8 21:15:47 UTC 2010

On Sun, 08 Aug 2010 20:47 +0000, Arno Schuring wrote :
> Most tests were done after rm ~/.e , so with everything at default. The
> backtrace
> was acquired with the following sequence:

Alright, thanks. I'll ask upstream if anyone has seen similar issues. If I have
some time, I might try to reproduce it too. Just so I'm close enough to your
configuration: did you just use xrandr --whatever-option, or something else
(nvidia twinview/xinerama, etc etc) ?

> All in all, there were three separate issues, only one of which I chose to
> report:
> - crash with shelf position (#592251 ;)

Thanks :)

> - persistent crash with fireball theme (not reported because version 1.6 is
> from 2008
> and I couldn't find a newer version)

Well, I guess all themes that are not maintained by core E developers are doomed
to obsolescence, unfortunately. Relatively few theme developers manage to keep
up with recent versions.

> - inability to edit e17 settings from outside E menu (didn't want to start a
> flamewar
> on a bug report even though it's Debian ;)

That one has been bugging me for a while, indeed. It once was possible (before
enlightenment_remote got rewritten) for most of the settings, but not anymore.
Please note, however, that enlightenment_remote still provides a dbus-based
interface to load/unload modules. That's quite limited though, and upstream has
little interest in changing that.

> I know. I've been following e17 development for quite a while (as a fan, not a
> developer), but have always had a hard time finding up-to-date deb packages. I
> still remember the tuxfamily and dunnewind repositories, after that things
> moved
> to p.e.o -- and nothing much happened after that. Which is why I was so excited

I used to maintain the one at dunnewind.net, but moved on to maintaining the
packages only in Debian since it took me too much time. That's also why I'm only
uploading new versions when upstream releases a snapshot, although I agree that
quite often this results in having "outdated" versions in unstable (the previous
upload was in january, iirc…)

Albin Tonnerre

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