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What’s going on in the brain when someone experiences trauma or chronic stress?
How can we work with movement, posture, and body maps to approach the core fear that keeps our clients immobilized?
Are there practices and methods that can rewire the brain away from rumination and dead-end thinking that keeps our clients from achieving their goals?
We’ve gathered practical insights and strategies from the top experts in our field that you can use to help clients.
We gathered together Bessel van der Kolk, MD; Dan Siegel, MD; Pat Ogden, PhD; Stephen Porges, PhD; Peter Levine, PhD, Allan Schore, PhD; and more.
Today we want to share with you these great articles and a free course from Fabio Sinibaldi, PsyD at Real Way of Life. 
Test-exercise: integrated Vs disorganised emotional and stress responses? (
Muscles and Emotions: how to fight stress and anxiety [article + two videos] (
The hand clap test: 3 interpretations and practical demonstrations (
Anatomy of a stressful event: from stress to the immune system – the scientific basis of psychosomatic (
Integrating Mind and Body: what does it mean in practice and how to do it (
Stress, Traumas and Affective Deprivation leaving a Mark. What happens to the Brain, Epigenetic, Emotions, Thinking and what can be done about it (
3. FREE COURSECrossed Cycles Breathing Technique (
This technique is a sort of Swiss knife in the hands of those who work with emotions, stress and self-regulation responses and performance. 
In short, it is based on two “movements” (breathing + bending of the head) that are alternated in a targeted manner through a basic technique. 
Then there are 5 areas and sub-modalities of application (for a total of 12 insights).  

Enjoy!— Marcus

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