Bug#976235: enlightenment: e switches off screen|monitor

enno enno.vet at gmx.net
Fri Dec 4 23:45:42 GMT 2020

Hello Ross,

No change so gvfs doesn't seem to be responsible BUT 1 new finding:  I had the meanwile usual procedure, starting enlightenment via my ~/.xsession, the aforementioned switching off of the screen/monitor/display (I mean it just turns BLACK), the blind switch to a console VT already being logged in, waiting about 20 seconds, VT comes up again to life, further 20 seconds without any interference by me, and the screen goes black again.  I'm just resistant to the idea it might be a hardware error, because with flwm there's no problem at all!

Wondering.  Please let me know it there's anything I haven't worded sufficiently clear.

Brgds, e.

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