[Pkg-electronics-devel] Bug#923713: Regression: kicad not available for ppc64el after Stretch

tpearson at raptorengineering.com tpearson at raptorengineering.com
Mon Mar 4 09:17:05 GMT 2019

Package: kicad
Version: 5.0.2+dfsg1-1
Severity: grave

While evaluating a potential upgrade of our engineering systems from
Stretch to Buster, we noticed that kicad is no longer available for
ppc64el.  This is a deal breaker for us as kicad is a critical part of the
engineering workflow.

I also noticed that the latest versions of kicad include the required
assembler routines (the lack of which presumably caused the build to be
dropped).  At minimum, a backport of these patches and reenabling of the
ppc64el builds should be attempted for testing.

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