[Pkg-electronics-devel] Bug#923713: Regression: kicad not available for ppc64el after Stretch

Carsten Schoenert c.schoenert at t-online.de
Mon Mar 4 10:02:22 GMT 2019

Control: severity -1 wishlist


Am 04.03.19 um 10:17 schrieb tpearson at raptorengineering.com:
> Package: kicad
> Version: 5.0.2+dfsg1-1
> Severity: grave

the severity for this report can't be grave or similar to other RC 
severities. I tagged this report now as wishlist.

> While evaluating a potential upgrade of our engineering systems from
> Stretch to Buster, we noticed that kicad is no longer available for
> ppc64el.  This is a deal breaker for us as kicad is a critical part of the
> engineering workflow.

The lack of ppc64el as supported platform is owed by the decisions of 
upstream maintainers, it wasn't made by me or any other person involved 
in packaging KiCad. So in fact the current stable version of KiCad 
(5.0.2) isn't buildable for ppc64el.

> I also noticed that the latest versions of kicad include the required
> assembler routines (the lack of which presumably caused the build to be
> dropped).  At minimum, a backport of these patches and reenabling of the
> ppc64el builds should be attempted for testing.

At one day a backported version for ppc64* and mips* will be available. 
For now there is not much I can do.

We are just a few day away from the full freeze and it's simply to late 
to do anything now about the newly re-added supported platforms for 
KiCad as package would need to go through NEW first. And right now 5.1.0 
isn't released.

If the final version 5.1.0 will get released within the next days I plan 
to upload this version to unstable and ask also the Release Team to 
accept a migration to testing once the required delay is over, but 
without supporting the new added platforms. If I got some time I can 
provide a extra builded binary version for ppc64el created on a porterbox.

Carsten Schoenert

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