Bug#1014058: exim4-daemon-heavy: please compile with SPF and DMARC support

Jämes Ménétrey james.menetrey at unine.ch
Mon Mar 13 22:57:26 GMT 2023

Dear all,

I am currently using this package and noticed that the builds do not
integrate the feature for checking DMARC for incoming emails, which
requires building from the sources, as Fabio highlighted.

While building from the source is generally acceptable for me, this would
be great for maintaining reasons to publish this feature in the Debian
Indeed, this would enable the users who rely on this important feature to
get the latest Exim updates using their package manager instead of
requiring them to rebuild every time.

Admittedly, DMARC and SPF are not a silver bullet for protecting an
organization from getting fishing. Still, it is two great tools in the
framework of email protection, and it would be worth having them in the
Debian builds.


Kind Regards,
Jämes Ménétrey
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