[Pkg-exim4-users] headers_check_syntax

Gerhard Kroder gerhard.kroder at t-online.de
Wed Nov 23 20:14:22 UTC 2005


i'n new to this list, as i am to exim config. i know to admin debian 
systems since (1.1, but currently only medium level) and used to 
setup/run a sendmail system with heavy traffic some years ago. now i 
support admins on a non-profit site, running exim.

so, let me get into exim and my question. upon your agreement i'll ask 
probabely more later. :-)

on a sarge with current exim4-heavy, i wanted to set 
headers_check_syntax, since i read (somewhere?) it helps to reduce those 
bounce errors and the like... (an there is about 9k  frozen mails, 
mostly due to misc spam related errors, on my task list). but i cannot 
find this documentet at goole (exept older security bulletins) or exims 
doc. So i just did put it in exim.conf, praying...  system worked 
without further trouble, but since my test failed with paniclog for 
unknown option i ask for your help now.

on the other side i found "verify = header_syntax" on exim.org. is this 
its successor?  it belongs to acl config? found ther only  ".ifdef 
CHECK_DATA_VERIFY_HEADER_SYNTAX ..." so, what's the real syntx for and 
benefit of this option?

guess, i don't know how exim config works. how can i read into this? 
whole specs (which takes lot of time, an will not help me _now_) or is 
there a 'quickread' somewhere?

so, can you help a litte? of course i need to do the work and will need 
to read a lot for that. but help helps. ;-)


ah, one more: ther are some "hooks" for user config, blacklists and so 
on... is this somehow listed in an easy manner somewhere? and which are 
realy configured/active in sarges exim? there are no dummy/template 
files, and since i can't yet read configs...

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