[Pkg-exim4-users] Dropping support for users of Debianhowto-vexim

Phillip Baker phil at lchost.co.uk
Wed Nov 30 14:28:05 UTC 2005

> The problem is not the replacement of the "Debian Exim Way", 
> but the sheer cluelessnes of some of the people trying to be 
> a mail-admin by just following the HOWTO character by 
> character and stumbling into problems they are not able to 
> solve themselves, not only because they don't have any 
> knowledge (which wouldn't be a problem), but mostly because 
> the don't _want_ to gather any further knowledge.

Ok, ok, I get the point. At this point I was merely responding to the first
point in Marc's email about the fact that it was telling them to remove the
debian magic. In my experience the magic would not help the kinds of people
who are getting stuck anyway (because it is not an intuitive process - you
have to still read the documents to get how to use the magic anyway, and if
they read the docs they wouldn't be stuck in the first place) so I really
don't think it would matter either way.
> This, combined with a very rough attitude in the maintainers 
> of said FAQ/HOWTO, leads to Marcs (understandable) frustration.

Indeed, and frankly if he's been supporting them at all then credit where
it's due because I wouldn't have bothered - there are plenty of resources
for vexim (such as the vexim mailing list and wiki itself) that people
should be using if they're having problems with vexim. Why not just refer
people to that? (Rather than 'if you're using vexim, go away' or similar in
the docs / on the mailing list description).

Phillip Baker
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