[Pkg-exim4-users] Dropping support for users of Debianhowto-vexim

Marc Haber mh+pkg-exim4-users at zugschlus.de
Wed Nov 30 14:28:05 UTC 2005


On Tue, Nov 29, 2005 at 06:04:52PM -0000, Phillip Baker wrote:
> > Actually, the clean way to do it would be to have their own 
> > package, exim4-config-debianhowto-vexim, which plugs into our 
> > packages and replaces our exim4-config in its entirety. In 
> > that case, people are free to do what they want, and to 
> > provide their own support.
> About four seconds after I pressed send I thought about just having a
> package with vexim in. :P

*grins*, yes, that would be the best solution: Have vexim packaged in
Debian. However, the mentioned HOWTO also tells people how to
integrate spamassassin and a virus scanner, and integrating all these
won't be possible in a package since Debian policy forbids a package
to mess with another's config files.

> > I do not object to the HOWTO, I do not object to the way it 
> > switches our magic off, but I do object to offloading their 
> > support burden to us, and to the fact that they seem to 
> > attract a BIG bunch of completely clueless newbies who do not 
> > even spare the time to read the HOWTO and don't have the 
> > necessary background.
> Is debianhowto.de actually sending them to us purposefully or are they just
> making their own way here?

They are making their own way here.

> I think it's fair to put a warning that we are not a vexim support
> group and that if they are having problems with making exim interact
> with vexim (on debian or not) that they should look at the vexim
> mailing list at silverwraith.com

Actually, something like that is going to be put in the debianhowto.de
document. One of the original authors has been in touch with me and is
much more inclined to help than the author of my first response, who
doesn't seem to be affiliated with the HOWTO at all in the first place
but is a random list participant who had still a bone to pick with me.

> > > This would be an overreaction. Vexim isn't your problem. 
> >
> > But it quickly becomes my problem when 50 % of incoming 
> > newbie requests come from vexim users who think that the 
> > nifty web interface saves them from accumulating and 
> > knowledge about e-mail and exim basics.
> Sorry - that's not what I meant - what I meant was that vexim itself wasn't
> the source of the problem, mostly the howto.

It looks that way, yes.

> > The issue is that HOWTOs are prone to make people do things 
> > they are not qualified to do.
> Well, that... but there are plenty of qualified lazy people who like the
> handy nature of howtos in that they just list the barebones required to get
> going. But they won't be the ones sending you silly questions ;)

Acknowledged. I'd, however, appreciate a HOWTO which uses wordings
like "copy this file there" instead of "sudo cp -a this/file there".


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