[Pkg-exim4-users] (no subject)

Bob Zenhausern drz at enabling.org
Sat Apr 1 20:51:16 UTC 2006

Didn't you say you already had exim installed? Check to make sure, issue
> this command on the command line;
> $ ps auxww | grep exim
> And post the results.

Here is what I got:

root      7555  0.0  0.3   2820   784 pts/0    R+   10:15   0:00 grep exim

I would take that to mean that it is not a running process.  I mentioned
that I had exim installed in my old machine, but that was exim and not
exim 4.

When I typed mail and saw that messages I tried to send were not sent
because I could not send to remote hosts.  I tried looking at exim4.conf
and inetd.conf and I just got more confused.

Bob Zenhausern
Enabling Support Foundation

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