[Pkg-exim4-users] Problems with install

Greg Folkert greg at gregfolkert.net
Tue Apr 4 18:46:02 UTC 2006

On Sun, 2006-04-02 at 19:32 -0500, Bob Zenhausern wrote:
> Marc Haber encouraged me to read the docs.
> Marc, I have been reading them but they are not helping.  I do not know if
> you are following this whole thread, but let me summarize.  Maybe then you
> can direct me to the most appropriate docs.

Dr. Zenhausern,

I'd like to take the time to introduce myself.

I am Greg Folkert, Knowledgeable in Linux, Debian Linux and Exim4 done
the "Debian" Way. I really want to help you fix your issues, free of
charge. I use Exim4 as the core of my Mail System, using the Debian Way
and it scales quite nicely.

I am even willing to logon your machine and fix the issue you have with
it. Of course providing me the system access and admin access to the
machine would be required. If you don't or can't do that there is
another way.

I can also help you via Instant Messaging, as long as it is one of the
following Instant Messaging systems:

        Jabber (my own personal Jabber server)
        MSN Messenger
        Yahoo! Messenger

I realize that you being a busy man with your endeavors with
Enabling.org and the other organizations around Rochester and New York
is eating away at your available time. And time is something you never
have enough of when dealing the the Deaf, Blind, Autistic or otherwise
somehow impaired people.

If you Google my name, you should come up with enough information about
me to judge if you can trust me or not. I have nothing to hide, even the
couple of strategically bad things, you might find. They are out there
and I have taken responsibility for them.

Should you be interested in discussing this offer, please e-mail me
directly/privately off this list.

Since I sign all of my e-mails with my PGP key, you can be sure this one
comes from me.

I am sending this to the Debian Exim4 list, as I don't want to seen as a
BAD-Guy trying to get into other peoples stuff for my own gain. Though
you might still doubt me, I am hoping some people here will express any
concern or good tidings or other info to help you get this taken care

And of the people on this list, I am truly impressed with Marc Haber's
and Andreas Metzler's ability in maintaining Exim4 so well for Debian.
Actually the whole Exim4 team is to be congratulated, I have taken to
using the Debian Way on most other machines in my care, at least as far
as Exim4 is concerned.
greg, greg at gregfolkert.net

The technology that is 
Stronger, Better, Faster: Linux

Use Debian GNU/Linux, its a bazaar thing

NOTICE: Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the 
National Security Agency may have read this email 
without warning, warrant, or notice, and certainly 
without probable cause. They may do this without 
any judicial or legislative oversight. You have no 
recourse nor protection.
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