[Pkg-exim4-users] spamassassin headers

Michael Sprague mfs at saneinc.net
Thu Apr 20 14:50:56 UTC 2006

Dermot Paikkos wrote:
> What does your local.cf have for report_safe? I thought that this 
> controlled the X-Spam-headers
> ....man spamassassin.conf
> "If this option is set to 0, incoming spam is only modified by adding 
> some X-Spam- headers and no changes will be made to the body. In 
> addition, a header named X-Spam-Report will be added to spam. You can 
> use the remove_header option to remove that header after setting 
> report_safe to 0"
> Or am I barking up the wrong tree?
> Dp.

I use my own exim4.conf file so I may be a bit off base here.  First, 
spamassassin does not add the headers to the message, but exim does.  So 
  I don't think the value of report_safe is a factor here.  The headers 
are added by the ACLs.  Here is your ACL sample:

	spam = Debian-exim
	message =  X-Spam_score: $spam_score\n\
         X-Spam_score_int: $spam_score_int\n\
         X-Spam_bar: $spam_bar\n\
         X-Spam_report: $spam_report

I'm not sure if you can add multiple headers that way.  I do it in my 
setup with separate ACLs.   Here is a sample:

# Always add X-Spam-Score and X-Spam-Report headers, using SA system-wide
# settings (user "nobody"), no matter if over threshold or not.
   spam      = nobody:true/defer_ok
   message   = X-Spam-Score: $spam_score ($spam_bar)
   spam      = nobody:true/defer_ok
   message   = X-Spam-Report: $spam_report

# Add X-Spam-Flag if spam is over system-wide threshold.
   spam    = nobody/defer_ok
   message = X-Spam-Flag: YES

I always add the X-Spam-Score and X-Spam-Report headers and only add the 
X-Spam-Flag header if it's spam.  Note that I have the report as a 
header and I think you want it as an attachment in the body?  If so, I'm 
not sure how to do that. :(

I hope this helps,

Michael F. Sprague     | mfs at saneinc.net
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