[Pkg-exim4-users] spamassassin headers

Andreas Metzler ametzler at downhill.at.eu.org
Thu Apr 20 17:36:24 UTC 2006

On 2006-04-20 Chris <nws at cevnet.mine.nu> wrote:
> Something seems to go wrong with the headers, reporting and ultimately
> delivery of spam-positives though.

> I have a similar setup running exim4-light with spamassassin via
> router-transport on Sarge/Debian-stable. There the "X-Spam-Flag: YES"
> header is inserted and the spam-body of a positive is kept out of view
> and attached to a warning message.

Running spamassassin by router-transport works differently, exim hands
off the message to spamassassin, spamassassin modifies it and exim
works on the modified copy.

OTOH if spamassassin is invoked via ACL exim passes a copy of the
message to spamassassin, and exim checks whether spamassassin tagged
it as spam (depending on this the spam=... condition is true or false)
saves *some* of its output (score and report) into exim expansion
variables but any changes spamassassin made to the message like report
safe are discarded, as exim does not use the modified copy.

> Here exim has the protective message hiding in the headers under
> "X-Spam_report" (see below), leaving the spam-body unshielded in the
> Inbox, in full view for the unsuspecting user. This is neither a good
> nor a pretty thing.

> Not setting the header "X-Spam-Flag: YES" on spam breaks the filtering
> with .forward and Spam gets delivered into the inbox. 
> I cannot seem to set this header manually: adding "X-Spam-Flag: YES\n\"
> to the ACL(below) ends up as header: "X-ACL-Warn: X-Spam-Flag: YES"

You are claiming that
> ACL: 
> 	warn
> 	spam = Debian-exim
> 	message =  X-Spam_score: $spam_score\n\
>         X-Spam_score_int: $spam_score_int\n\
>         X-Spam_bar: $spam_bar\n\
>         X-Spam-Flag: YES\n\
>         X-Spam_report: $spam_report

results in X-ACL-Warn: X-Spam-Flag: YES?
or are you using

> ACL: 
> 	warn
> 	spam = Debian-exim
> 	message =  X-Spam_score: $spam_score\n\
>         X-Spam_score_int: $spam_score_int\n\
>         X-Spam_bar: $spam_bar\n\
>         X-Spam_report: $spam_report
>         X-Spam-Flag: YES\n\

which should result in a syntax error.

> Negatives get no X-Spam headers at all by default, which is confusing
> since it took a trip to /var/log/syslog (or /var/log/mail.info) to find
> out that spamd actually processed the message.

That is how you configured it. You told exim to check whether the
message was spam (spam = Debian-exim) and *if* this was true to add
some headers.

> Is it exim that doesn't
> pass on the X-Spam headers set by spamassassin?

see above.

> Why? I sure didn't override that in order to have to set different
> ones manually in exim.  Is it a bug or a feature?

It is documented. ;-) 

cu andreas

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