[Pkg-exim4-users] spec_html/*.html should have a link to TOC: URL for reportimg upstream

Regid Ichira regid23 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 2 23:13:03 UTC 2012

--- On Fri, 6/1/12, Nigel Metheringham wrote:

> Regid Ichira wrote:
> > I think the exim4-doc-html used to ship the upstream
> table of contents
> > to the whole html documentation.  I mean the page
> with links to the
> > local spec.html and filter.html.  Why have you
> stopped doing that?  Can't
> > the omission of that page make users not notice
> filter.html ?
> Not sure the ToC above the spec/filter would have made much
> sense to
> ship as it contained linked to several different versions.

  eximdoc4-4.77/doc-docbook/index.html has only 2 links: 1 to 
spec.html and the other to filter.html.  I think debian used to
ship a similar file somewhere in /usr/share/doc/exim4-doc-html/.

> I was going to look at putting a per chapter ToC into the
> footer when I
> got the chance - it should be relatively easy (although may
> need a css
> change too).  I suspect its not there currently because
> we added the
> pop-out ToC (but that probably fails without javascript
> support and may
> have issues working from local filestore).

  The local spec.html that I got from Debian and the one I see
on exim.org have the same format.  I don't see any pop-out ToC.  
Is it because I am using various firefox add-ons? 
  On what circumstances do the pop-out ToC pops out?  I mean,
should it pop out when the mouse is over some word?  Does it
makes the reader wait a short time until it disappears?  Does
it constantly occupies valuable screen area?
  My preference is a per chapter ToC in the footer, and as less
javascript as possible. 

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