[Pkg-exim4-users] Troubleshooting exim4 in Wheezy.

Peter Easthope peter at easthope.ca
Wed Mar 5 21:57:59 UTC 2014

Johann, thanks for the reply.

From:	Johann Spies <jspies at sun.ac.za>
Date:	Wed, 5 Mar 2014 08:29:47 +0200
> * Read the content of message R=1WKULW-0003cw-4j. It should be an error
>   message giving you some reason for the non-delivery

Haven't found that message yet.

> * Run 'sudo exim4 -v -d all -M 1WKULW-0003d0-Cd' and watch what happens.

In the verbose output from the second command, these three lines catch
my eye.
"cached data used for lookup of root
  in /etc/email-addresses
lookup failed"
I added "root: peter at easthope.ca" to email-addresses although do not
recall seeing it mentioned in any instructions for configuration.

Today swaks hits a closed gate immediately and I can't think of what changed.
peter at dalton:/etc/shorewall$ swaks --to pleasthope at gmail.com  -s localhost
=== Trying localhost:25...
*** Error connecting to localhost:25:
*** 	IO::Socket::INET: connect: Connection refused

Also, paniclog has four lines with this complaint.
2014-03-04 21:29:16 socket bind() to port 25 for address
failed: Cannot assign requested address: daemon abandoned

I might be overlooking a basic requirement.  My intention is that
swaks speaks SMTP to localhost:25, exim4. Then the exim4 speaks
SMTP to ccx.websitewelcome.com:465.  exim4 is configured to call
ccx.websitewelcome:465.  Is explicit port forwarding required for
the transition from port 25 to 465 in exim4?

This localhost also has a Shorewall fw zone.  If anyone knows of a
requirement in Shorewall, please comment.

Thanks,            ... Peter E.

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