[Pkg-exim4-users] Is smtp_accept_queue_per_connection the way?

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Mon May 26 21:31:57 UTC 2014

The subject line is a little dumb I guess but I couldn't think of nice
short way to talk about smtp_accept_queue_per_connection.

I'm brand new to exim4 but have been a longtime sendmail user.  Never
really knew much about it but always been able to get enough setup to
work for my situation.

Once I got exim4 working, (with great help from debian list), about
the first thing I hit was the default of only taking 10 msgs per

My setup is strictly small time, single user on home lan that has its
own fake domain name.

I use fetchmail to pull from several pop accounts as well as several
imap accounts.  I get lots of junk mail and have taken some interest
in studying it.

Unless I run fetchmail every 10 minutes there is a good chance I will
have quite a few more than 10 messages.  Further, I often shut the
machine down overnite.  If I do that there will be quite a lot of
messages waiting on pop3 servers,

I want there either to be mo limit or a limit of something like 300
per connection.

Googling on `smtp_accept_queue_per_connection', there is no shortage
of confusing hits.... most of it quite old... pre 2006.

And then there is the bit in Exim4 FAQ that tries to shove the burden
of having such a silly default, onto fetchmail.

So in general I guess it is possible to set the limit somewhere then
refresh the config and Bingo ... no more limit of 10.

However, that has not happened for me.

In all the stuff I saw online there never seemed to be a consensus as
to where that line is supposed to go.  There were different opinions.
I tried:

Then ran /etc/init.d/exim4 reload

And it would come to a screeching halt with something about paniclog
not being zero size.  Some little message would be kicked into the
panic log and no further action was possible. (I lost track of the
little bit of data that showed up in paniclog)

I've put this string: smtp_accept_queue_per_connection=300 in

Then ran /etc/init.d/exim4 reload

No bad looking messages... then ran /etc/init.d/exim4 restart

On the first fetchmail run it happened to be 12 messages waiting.  And
the ugly little log entry:

   no immediate delivery: more than 10 messages received in one

OK, so where does this limit setting go or what else needs doing to
set the limit to 300?

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