[pymvpa] pprocess and number of CPU cores?

Yaroslav Halchenko debian at onerussian.com
Thu Apr 1 13:50:47 UTC 2010

On Thu, 01 Apr 2010, Matthias Ekman wrote:
> In this commit Michael points out 25% speed-up for 2 cores (and 250%
> for 8 cores):
> http://github.com/hanke/PyMVPA/commit/cb9a01183cb8103ee9377cc4f66598124dbd7af3
yeap... it was RFed later on into:
> But later on some improvements were made leading to a speed-up of
> 65% for 2 cores:
> http://github.com/hanke/PyMVPA/commit/7819dc8214bdd63f10185c1381bb3165edf49036
yeap -- theoretically you should get close to linear scaling by number
of processors... but here we are talking about cores, so they might
scale slightly under linear, but altogether quite close to being linear
boost anyways (depends on what kind of searchlight -- either it spends
most of the time computing or accessing memory)

> I am thinking about 2x 8 cores (lower clock speed) vs. 1x 12 cores
> (higher clock speed) which would be the same price range. With good
> scaling I would prefer the 2x 8 cores.
I would go with 2x8 cores I guess... the best resolution for you would
be to ask the vendor to run your specific benchmark on two such systems
and tell you which one is better ;)

> Btw: thanks for the pprocess implementation! Its a great feature.
;) even more cools stuff is coming! ;)
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