[pymvpa] (like(PyMVPA) or like(FOSS)) and doing(neuroscience) == like(NeuroDebian)

Yaroslav Halchenko debian at onerussian.com
Wed May 5 13:12:47 UTC 2010

Dear PyMVPA Users and Contributors,

If you are not a user of Debian(-derived) system:

	Have you experienced difficulties of deploying PyMVPA (or some
    other popular free and open source software) at your favorite 

	Are you tired of maintaining heterogeneous collection of software
	without any centralized control over it?

On behalf of our NeuroDebian team [1] I am proud to expose you to
the other project of ours -- NeuroDebian: http://neuro.debian.net .

The primary goal of NeuroDebian is to provide users of Debian (and some
Debian-derived) systems with an extensive (if not complete)
collection of FOSS relevant for doing research in cognitive
neuroscience.  At the moment, NeuroDebian already includes FSL, AFNI,
Caret, PyMVPA, NiPy, NiPype, PyNIfTI, ANTS, PsychoPy, PyEPL, ITK-SNAP,
MRICron, MRtrix, and over 30,000 of other packages available in the
Debian proper.

Those, who are not yet running a Debian-based operating system, but are
already tired of fiddling with dozens of neuro-software packages, can
get a glimpse of neuroscience research in a Debian environment via
NeuroDebian virtual machine [3] which you can deploy in a matter
of minutes.

NeuroDebian has been featured this week at NITRC portal [4].  If you are
already a user of NeuroDebian (package repositories or a complete
virtual machine environment) we would appreciate if you leave a feedback
or provide a brief review for it at NITRC (you might need to


With best regards,
NeuroDebian team

[1] http://neuro.debian.net/#the-team
[2] http://www.nitrc.org/projects/neurodebian/
[3] http://neuro.debian.net/vm.html
[4] http://www.nitrc.org/

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