[pymvpa] Github or git.debian.org?

Yaroslav Halchenko debian at onerussian.com
Sat Jun 19 17:28:14 UTC 2010

and just 1 more bit: just add both alioth and github(s) as remotes and
fetch them all... here is my alias for git:

    fa = !git remote | xargs -r -I REMOTE /bin/bash -c 'echo I: Fetching from REMOTE && git fetch REMOTE' && [ -d .git/svn ] && bash -c 'echo I: Fetching from SVN && git svn fetch' || :

this would fetch all remotes and also if there is git-svn one (just 1 for
now) it would fetch it as well.  So add multiple remotes and then

git fa


gitk --all

to see all possible bleeding edges ;)

On Sat, 19 Jun 2010, Michael Hanke wrote:
> > If I want to follow the cutting edge of pymvpa development, should I be
> > following the repo on git.debian.org or github?
> We have several flavors of cutting-edge ;-) But in general both
> repositories have the same content. We are slowly moving over to
> github-only -- but since it is very simple to push to two repositories
> we are also keeping git.debian.org alive (also because there is still
> some infrastructure that we use there).
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