[pymvpa] Trouble building from source code

Malcolm Tobias mtobias at wustl.edu
Thu Aug 26 16:44:29 UTC 2010


First off, thanks for the reply.

On Wednesday 25 August 2010 19:35:11 Michael Hanke wrote:
> > SciPy 0.8.0, Nifticlib 2.0.0, PyNIfTI 0.20090303.1 ( I had to do some
> > hacks to get this to build properly.
> I'd strongly recommend you to upgrade to the latest pynifti version. A
> number of bugfixes are missing in your version.

I'm having trouble reaching the PyNIfTI download area right now:


but I seem to recall that 0.20090303.1 was the latest release offered.

Perhaps I should be using the "latest development snapshot"?
I usually shy away from the development branches in favor of released 
versions, but if you feel that the code base is stable enough, I'm happy to 
use it.


Malcolm Tobias

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