[pymvpa] PyMVPA 0.6RC3

Yaroslav Halchenko debian at onerussian.com
Wed Apr 13 20:47:52 UTC 2011

Dear PyMVPA-ers,

Fresh 0.6.0 RC3 is available from GIT / NeuroDebian repositories.

RC3 addresses few issues and shortcomings discovered since RC2 and
provides additional functionality which was already mentioned  a few
times on different occasions on the mailing list.

N.B. 0.4.7 Debian packages were  updated as well to absorb few little
  fixes concerning compatibility with recent libsvm and scipy 0.9.0.  They
  were uploaded to Debian and NeuroDebian backports.

Here is a complete ChangeLog for 0.6.0 RC3 from

* 0.6.0~rc3 (Thu, Apr 12 2011)

  * Fixes

    - Bugfixes regarding the interaction of FlattenMapper and
      BoxcarMapper that affected event-related analyses.
    - `Splitter` now handles attribute value `None` for splitting
    - `GNBSearchlight` handling of  ``roi_ids``.
    - More robust detection of mod:`scikits.learn` and :mod:`nipy`

  * New functionality

    - Added a `Repeater` node to yield a dataset multiple times and
      `Sifter` node to exclude some datasets. Consequently, the
      "nosplitting" mode of `Splitter` got removed at the same time.
    - :file:`tools/niils` -- little tool to list details
      (dimensionality, scaling, etc) of the files in nibabel-supported formats.

  * Enhancements

    - Numerous documentation fixes.
    - Various improvements and increased flexibility of null distribution
      estimation of Measures.
    - All attribute are now reported in sorted order when printing a dataset.
    - `fmri_dataset` now also stores the input image type.
    - `Crossvalidation` can now take a custom `Splitter` instance. Moreover, the
      default splitter of CrossValidation is more robust in terms of number and
      type of created splits for common usage patterns (i.e. together with
    - `CrossValidation` takes any custom Node as ``errorfx`` argument.
    - `ConfusionMatrix` can now be used as an ``errorfx`` in Crossvalidation.
    - ``LOE(ACC): Linear Order Effect in ACC`` was added to
      `ConfusionMatrix` to detect trends in performances across
    - A `Node`\ s postproc is now accessible as a property.
    - `RepeatedMeasure` has a new 'concat_as' argument that allows results to be
      concatenated along the feature axis. The default behavior, stacking as
      multiple samples, is unchanged.
    - `Searchlight` now has the ability to mark the center/seed of an ROI in
      with a feature attribute in the generated datasets.
    - ``debug`` takes ``args`` parameter for delayed string
      comprehensions.  It should reduce run-time impact of ``debug()``
      calls in regular, non ``-O`` mode of Python operation.
    - String summaries and representations (provided by ``__str__``
      and ``__repr__``) were made more exhaustive and more coherent.
      Additional properties to access initial constructor arguments
      were added to variety of classes.

  Also adapts changes from 0.4.6 and 0.4.7 (see corresponding

On Thu, 03 Mar 2011, Michael Hanke wrote:
> > If you are just starting with PyMVPA, now is the time to go for this new
> > series, instead 0.4.

> > The source tarball is avialable at https://alioth.debian.org/frs/?group_id=30954

> We made a new release candidate (RC2) that comes with fixes for the
> mvpa.atlas module and some other small changes. We also ship
> Debian/Ubuntu packages for RC2 from the NeuroDebian repository (package
> name 'pymvpa-snapshot'). This Debian package no longer depends on
> PyNIfTI, but exclusively relies on NiBabel.

> We're looking forward to your feeback!
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