[pymvpa] [mvpa-toolbox] Fast ER design

Yaroslav Halchenko yarikoptic at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 16:20:57 UTC 2011

for fast ER MVPA it is crucial to have proper trials order, so have a
look at recent

GK Aguirre, MG Mattar, L Magis-Weinberg. (2011) de Bruijn cycles for neural decoding. NeuroImage 56: 1293-1300

with software
readily available from Debian (and NeuroDebian):

sudo apt-get install debruijn

On Tue, 12 Jul 2011, Jane Klemen wrote:

> Hi all,

> We're wanting to run an experiment that, for psych reasons, needs to
> have a fast ER design.  Piloting shows that our sanity tests work,
> but, ideally, we'd like to optimise the design timing in order to have
> some chance of our conditions of interst also being classified
> correctly.  I've done a literature search and can't find anything for
> MVPA that is similar to the design optimimisation papers we all know
> for univariate analysis (Birn et al. 2002; Burock et al. 1998 etc.).
> Looking through the mailing list I also get the sense from some posts
> that there aren't any studies that address stimulus timing for fast ER
> designs for MVPA.  Is this correct, or have I just completely
> overlooked something?

> Thanks in advance for your feedback,
> Jane
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