[pymvpa] PyMVPA 0.6? -> 2.0

Thorsten Kranz thorstenkranz at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 20 15:59:32 UTC 2011


sounds great! I totally agree that PyMVPA deserves a good
version-number. It's too stable and feature for a 0.?-number, and also
a differentiation between 0.4 and 0.6 as mvpa and mvpa2 sounds nice to


2011/7/20 Michael Hanke <mih at debian.org>:
> Dear PyMVPA'ers,
> you may have noticed that we were pretty reluctant to finally release
> the next major version of PyMVPA. One major concern was the number of
> people using our current stable series (0.4) and their worries how life
> would become complicated once a new stable release would break the API.
> We believe that we have now settled on a plan to address everybody's needs
> as best as we can. The plan goes like this:
> 1. We won't break the API of the 'mvpa' python package. That package
>   will always provide the 0.4 series of PyMVPA and we'll maintain it for as
>   long as it is necessary/feasible. No new features will be added to it.
> 2. We will release the next major version of PyMVPA as an 'mvpa2'
>   package (i.e. API version 2). This will be what we have been
>   referring to as PyMVPA 0.6 so far. Following the principle of least
>   surprise we'll bump the version of this release to 2.0.0.
> What does it mean?
> The old and the new PyMVPA will be co-installable on any system
> without the need for any workaround or virtual environment. Your old
> scripts will continue to run, but at the same time you'll also be able
> to start using PyMVPA 2.0 for new projects.
> There is a tiny annoyance for those who are already using the release
> candidate versions of PyMVPA 0.6: you'll have to edit your scripts to
> change
>  from mvpa.suite import *
> to
>  from mvpa2.suite import *
> but that's all there is to do.
> We are currently running the final test series to make sure the renaming did
> not have unexpected negative side-effects. Once this is done, you can expect
> PyMVPA 2.0 to appear for download on http://www.pymvpa.org.
> Thanks for your patience!
> --
> Michael Hanke
> http://mih.voxindeserto.de
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