[pymvpa] Sensitivities same for each fold?

Per B. Sederberg psederberg at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 02:26:12 UTC 2011

Hi Folks!

Long time no chat, but I hope all is well.  I'm working on an analysis
that hinges on the weights assigned to each voxel to make the
classification.  I figured the easy way to do this was with a
sensitivity analyzer as such:

    clfr = SMLR()

    sclf = SplitClassifier(clfr,

    print "Running CV"
    analyzer = sclf.get_sensitivity_analyzer()

    senses = analyzer(dat)

The problem is that the dataset returned by analyzer has a vector of
weights for each class for each fold, but they are the same for each
fold, which I can't believe is correct.  I get the same outcome with a
LinearSVMC classifier, so it's not an issue in one single classifier.

Do we need to do a copy somewhere in there?

Thanks for any tips,

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