[pymvpa] MemoryError when running tutorial_lib.py

Yaroslav Halchenko debian at onerussian.com
Mon Aug 22 12:55:23 UTC 2011

> C:\Python26\lib\gzip.pyc in _add_read_data(self, data)
>     287     def _add_read_data(self, data):
>     288         self.crc = zlib.crc32(data, self.crc) & 0xffffffffL
> --> 289         self.extrabuf = self.extrabuf + data
>     290         self.extrasize = self.extrasize + len(data)
>     291         self.size = self.size + len(data)

> MemoryError:

I think this goes inline with previous reports of problems with gzip
module on Windows.  can't look into detail for it atm -- just google it
up.  But I would advise you to just forget about the madness of
deploying python solutions on Windows and use our virtual machine:


where you can get mvpa installed in no time and avoid Windows-specific issues.
We do use PyMVPA on large volumes on data on our Debian boxes with 64GB of RAM
;-) and never experienced similar problems.


On Mon, 22 Aug 2011, 冯璐 wrote:

>    Dear Michael and Zonglei,

>             Thank you for your attention! I have to turn to some other
>    tasks these days. But the problem is still there.

>             There are two sets of data. One is tutorial data from the
>    website (size of the file <bold.nii.gz> is 294MB), the other is the
>    test data coming with the software (size of the file <bold.nii.gz> is
>    1.25MB). There is no problem when I used the following codes to handle
>    with the latter, but the memory error occurred when I tried to handle
>    with the former.

>             In [43]: dataset = fmri_dataset(

>              ....: samples = os.path.join(pymvpa_dataroot, 'bold.nii.gz'),

>              ....: targets = attr.targets,

>             ....: chunks = attr.chunks,

>             ....: mask = os.path.join(pymvpa_dataroot,
>    'mask_brain.nii.gz'))

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