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I think many of you have used IPython so you might like to join this
nomination call.


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Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2012 08:15:58 +0100
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Subject: Hurry! Nominate Fernando Perez as free software heroes by Thursday!


   I know that Fernando is reading the list and that I have not asked him
   before posting this. I do even without his permission.

   I think that Fernando Perez of ipython fame deserve the free software
   foundation award (Guido has already got it years ago). Please help me
   support him as candidate. More on the context of the award after the text,
   at the end of this mail.

   Here is what I have written so far to support (please help me finish)

   The following text is also in [1]http://lite.framapad.org/p/fsfaward12
   for an easy collaborative editing.

   Please spread this to get support.
   Much thanks,


   ========== to be sent to [2]award-nominations at gnu.org ========

   I propose to nominate "Fernando Perez" <[3]fernando.perez at berkeley.edu>,
   the leader and initial programmer of ipython for the Free software
   foundation award.

   Fernando is a great programmer from Columbia, now living in the US
   (Berkely, Ca) who speaks Spanish, English and French. He is truly an
   international leader and a extraordinary person.

   Fernando is the original creator and still leader of ipython (see

   IPython provides a rich toolkit to help you make the most out of using
   Python, with:

   * � �Powerful Python shells (terminal and Qt-based).
   * � �A web-based notebook with the same core features but support for
   code, text, mathematical expressions, inline plots and other rich
   * � �Support for interactive data visualization and use of GUI toolkits.
   * � �Flexible, embeddable interpreters to load into your own projects.
   * � �Easy to use, high performance tools for parallel computing.

   Fernando has succeded to drive and motivate a very active community
   that has very fruitful contact with other python communities, like
   sympy, iscipy, numpy and matplotlib.

   Thanks to Mr Perez's work's, the free software movement has a good
   alternative to propriatory softwares like matlab, mathematica, maple
   and the web site [5]wolframalpha.com

   But Fernando is also an extraordinary person and friend. For example,
   very recently, Fernando has assisted his close friend John Hunter, the
   creator of Matplotlib who died from cancer at the end of August, up to
   creating the John Hunter fund to help his family and help create a
   Distinguished Service Award of the Python software foundationn whose
   first award in 2012 has been attributed to the late John Hunter.

   All this makes me recommend Fernando Perez very warmly for the FSF award

   Best regards,

   Nicolas Pettiaux


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   Date: 2012/11/14
   Subject: Hurry! Nominate your free software heroes by Thursday!
   To: Nicolas Pettiaux <[7]nicolas at pettiaux.be>

   Dear Free Software Supporters,

   This Thursday is the deadline to [8]nominate someone for the 15th annual
   Free Software Awards. The Free Software Awards recognize people and
   projects who have advanced free software and used it to benefit humanity.

   Each year, the Free Software Foundation carefully reviews nominations
   submitted by you, our supporters. There are so many dedicated people and
   inspiring projects to choose from, but we need you to nominate them. So
   please, in this week before Thanksgiving, take a few minutes to nominate
   the people and projects for which you are most thankful for the Free
   Software Awards.

   Nominations are due on November 15th--that's this Thursday. To nominate an
   individual for the Award for the Advancement of Free Software or a project
   for the Award for Projects of Social Benefit, send your nomination along
   with a description of the project or individual to
   [9]award-nominations at gnu.org.

   Your nominations will be reviewed by our awards committee and the winners
   will be announced at LibrePlanet 2013.

   So check out our [10]submission guidelines and get those nominations in to
   [11]award-nominations at gnu.org by November 15th.

   Libby Reinish
   Campaigns Manager, Free Software Foundation

   PS. Help us spread the word about the 15th Annual Free Software Awards:
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   8. http://www.fsf.org/news/the-free-software-foundation-opens-nominations-for-the-15th-annual-free-software-awards
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