[pymvpa] Rapid ER design

Yaroslav Halchenko debian at onerussian.com
Mon Mar 30 01:12:02 UTC 2015

just a quick one:

On Sun, 29 Mar 2015, Jeffrey Bloch wrote:
>      1.A A PyMVPAA knows that my nifti file has 179 volumes, so it keeps
>      getting mad when I try to create an attribute that has fewer items (say,
>      a condition for each of the 110 events).A  How can I make the software
>      forget about the volumes and just focus on the timepoints of my
>      events?A  The original attribute file (with just chunks and condition)
>      has to be 179 items long, but 110 doesn't fit into 179 very nicely!A  :)

>    You cannot make it forget. But you do not have to work with the original
>    time series and model your events to get parameter estimates.
>    A  A  A  A  *** How can I do that in PyMVPA?


so it pretty much boils down to have   model='hrf'  to instruct eventrelated_dataset to perform GLM modeling groups of trials as EVs (condition_attr parameter to define such groups).

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