[pymvpa] Which classifier to use?

Jo Etzel jetzel at wustl.edu
Thu Feb 18 14:42:02 UTC 2016

There's nothing at all wrong with a categorical classifier if you think 
of your four stimulus orientations as *categories* - four different 
stimulus types.

But if you want to analyze the orientations as ordered classes (e.g., 15 
degrees half of 30 degrees; 75 more than 15), then yes, you will need a 
different classifier.


On 2/17/2016 4:58 PM, Alyson Saenz wrote:
> Hey guys, I already analyzed my data but I think I can do better. I was
> wondering if you can give me a hand.
> I have a visual task with a continuous stimuli, oriented bars. I
> presented several times specific degrees of the stimuli, so 15°, 30°, 60
> and 75°. I tried to predict the orientation of the bars by analizing VI,
> now, the problem is that I’m using a categorical classifier (the one on
> the tutorial, LinearCSVM), I believe there should be a better one for
> continuous data. Does that make any sense?
> Thanks! And sorry for the newbie question
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