[pymvpa] RAM use

Alyson Saenz neuro.alyson at gmail.com
Fri May 13 15:21:00 UTC 2016

Hey guys, I'm getting in some problems for the RAM use. I don't have access
to fancy servers and I only have my main desktop PC to run the analysis.
I'm trying to run a searchlight just like in the tutorial but with my own
data. The thing is that I have about 30 runs of 4 minutes each. So when I'm
loading the data into the dataset, my PC gives up and gives me "Memory

My guess is that the script loads everything in to the RAM, and as I only
have 8gb, it gets full. Is there a way to send the data directly to the
hard drive?

I will also try to get my hands on more RAM or use a flash drive, but I
don't think its going to be enough.



de virus. www.avast.com
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