[pymvpa] custom partitioner

Wolfgang Pauli wolfgang.m.pauli at gmail.com
Tue May 17 23:24:27 UTC 2016


I think I just had a shocking revelation. I tried to do cross validation
with a custom partitioner like so:

splt_rule = [([0,1],[6,7]),([1,2],[4,7]),([2,3],[4,5]),([3,0],[5,6])]
partitioner = CustomPartitioner(splitrule=splt_rule, attr='chunks')

For example, i thought the classifier would be trained on chunks 0 and 1,
and tested on 6 and 7. during cross-validation. However, when I used
actually generated the partitions and looked which chunks are in each
partition, I found that the partitioner would actually create three
partitions, two as specified by the split rule, and one containing the
remaining chunks.

I.e. instead of getting e.g. [0,1],[6,7], I would get ([2, 3, 4,

Is this correct? How can I keep it from creating that third partition with
the remaining items?

Thank You,

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