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Michael Hanke mih at debian.org
Wed Jul 19 05:11:40 UTC 2017

The CBBS (http://www.cbbs.eu) is establishing a common computing
platform for its members and affiliated institutions. Research
institutions in Magdeburg (Otto-von-Guericke-University, the
Leibniz-Institute for Neurobiology) employ a multitude of
research-dedicated MRI-scanners (Siemens Magnetom (7 Tesla), Siemens
Prisma, Siemens Verio, Siemens Skyra, and Philips Achieva dStream).

The computing platform aims to facilitate brain imaging research by
offering high throughput computing capabilities for the analysis of
large amounts of neuroimaging data, with uniform access to common data
processing algorithms as well as cutting edge method developments that
are fully integrated with the data acquisition and data storage
facilities in Magdeburg. Particular emphasis is put on improved
accessibility of provided technologies through structured graphical user
interfaces and default parameterization to help translate
state-of-the-art data analysis technologies into clinical research and

The successful applicant will make key contributions to the design,
implementation, documentation, and maintenance of the computing
platform. The applicant will work with research labs in Magdeburg to
identify relevant common data processing workflows, and help integrate
existing implementations with the computing framework. The applicant
will also work with the providers of general purpose computing and
storage resources in Magdeburg to produce a robust, sustainable, and
maximally efficient system.

More information on the position is available at http://tinyurl.com/y9xm55sq

J.-Prof. Dr. Michael Hanke
Psychoinformatik Labor,    Institut für  Psychologie II
Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg,  Universitätsplatz 2, Geb.23
Tel.: +49(0)391-67-18481 GPG: 4096R/C073D2287FFB9E9B

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