[pymvpa] Granger causality analysis

Илья Сысоев ivsstud at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 05:08:38 UTC 2017

Dear all!

I am a informal leader of a small research group, specializing in data
analysis, mainly including Granger causality approach (but also other
measures like mutual information/transfer entropy, phase synchronization,
nonlinear correlation, surrogate generation for testing for significance,
etc.), applied for local field potentials in WAG/Rij rats (genetic models
of absence epilepsy) and ordinary Wistar rats (studying limbic seizures).
The methods are mainly original and written in Python (but not exclusively,
also, where is some Pascal, Fortran, SciLab code). If it is interesting, we
could integrate our results in the Framework, since we are looking to
popularize them.

For convenience, please find my researchegate profile:
My researcherid:

Will be pleased to contribute.

Best regards, Ilya Sysoev.
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